Riders On The Storm

“I’m not the guy who started the build (all credit to the previous owner) but I’m the one who finished it,” said Mark.

THE distant thunder is always a reminder; my senses overwhelmed. I could not have left motorcycling behind as a young man in 1981 in a more traumatic way than being given a five percent chance of survival on life support. Classic story. Sorry mate, I didn’t see you.

I couldn’t be happier now after 40 years to be a returning rider on the bike of my dreams, and not only that, but my beautiful babe and awesome partner in life found it for me. I’m not the guy who started the build (all credit to the previous owner) but I’m the one who finished it. I’m forever grateful for the second chance to be a part of the motorcycle riding community once again and I’m forever grateful to all the first responders who do an awesome job to save lives.

I saw it and heard it and just had to have it. I nearly cried and wanted to hug the guy but had to hold it together to negotiate a price. I’ve owned it for a few years now. After the purchase it became apparent I had a few technical issues to solve and I’ve added a few extra modifications to compensate for my old injuries and make the ride better. Will dyno it one day. 

The bike is 96 cubes of awesome 09 Fatty. It’s essentially a stock Harley-Davidson Twin Cam. Artwork is from Custom Digital, custom turbocharger, S&S 583 cams, oil cooler, Dynojet Power Commander V, quick shift, BDL 2.75-inch open primary belt drive, H-D extra plate dry clutch, six-degree triple trees, extended forks, Freight Train nacelle.

This customised Harley-Davidson Fat Boy more than makes up for the loss of my original bike which was sold as parts after the accident. A shiny, stainless steel rod removed from my leg from that accident is now fixed to the frame of my bike for good luck. One day you realise getting back on a bike is all part of the healing process. Always in my heart are those who were not so lucky.

It’s a beautiful machine to ride. Performance is stunning. The feeling, there are no words. The road is never easy, the destination never clear, but it’s all about the ride.

Mark Reedman.

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