Rebels MC Tattoo Show Canberra

THIS tattoo show was organised by local chapter Rebels MC at the Statesmen Hotel in Canberra which couldn’t escape irony and my thoughts about current statesmen’s attitude toward motorcycle clubs. So it was the most appropriate place for organising the bash under pictures of all powerful men in the past.

And it was very comfortable place to be at.

The early afternoon belonged to the families who displayed at the sites their cars, bikes and children, the latest ones having so much fun that it was just fun to observe them.

There were three tattoo tables in the premises and one piercing table which were attended most of time by partygoers.

The music was represented by single guy with his acoustic guitar; bass drum tapped by foot and expects singing. Later on toward evening the DJ took his place.

After all kids went home the hotel was taken over by dads and mums who had as much fun as their rug rats during day.

The party lasted till next day but I did not. I have enough strength to crawl in bed provided on site. I was very pleased that locals didn’t fall for negative portraying of the outlaw clubs and voted with their feet. You don’t bring your offspring to the place you think it is dangerous, right?

In the morning I realised I’d sprained my foot and was in pain. I abandoned my plan riding home with Rebels MC and got on my way as early as possible.

When I arrived I just climbed the bed and didn’t get out till next week and only then on crouches as well. Such is life. One has to suffer when the legs are weaker than the thirst. Where is my vodka… I think I am getting weak in legs again…

photos and words by George

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