Kristy with the Trespasser Custom Bike

MY LIFE is very fast. I live hard, I play hard or work hard. I am always doing something—if I am not stripping, I am doing a photo shoot; if I am not doing a photo shoot, I am renovating; if I am not renovating, I am doing all three.

I illustrate children’s books. I started when I was 12. I am now 26 and I have done eight books. I have made them into a book format; I have just got to find a publisher to publish them. I have been looking for about eight months. It’s pretty hard; you have got to find the right people.

In terms of stripping, I do three nights a week. You pretty much get there at 5 am, you start at 6 and you are there until about 4 to 6 am depending upon what night it is, how busy it is, for about the last seven years. You are paid to work and then whatever you make is yours. I am pretty much the type of person who goes there, makes some money and leaves, that’s it.

I buy, renovate and sell houses. I do about four a year and I am on my fourth this year. I buy a piece of crap and renovate it myself, put it on the market pretty much straight away and then you see how long it takes to sell. The selling bit is the hardest part of the waiting period because you can’t start a new one until you sell the last one.

In the future, I want to get away from the adult side into the home side. I want to finish with my renovations, give up my dancing, settle down, start a family, and probably get my books published.

pics by Walter Wall.

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