Rebels MC Northern Beaches Chill Out

These blokes seem to have the cruisin’ afternoon ride down pat…

THE NORTHERN Beaches Poker Run occurred before the Sydney ‘bikie crackdown’ had begun and the Northern Beaches Highway Patrol put on a stellar performance, setting the standard for ‘supervision’. Now, if supervision is going to happen, then the Northern Beaches Highway Patrol should teach the rest how it’s done. They liaised with club members before the ride, then escorted the group of about 150 bikes through busy Sydney streets in a very safe and respectful manner. On behalf of everyone on the ride, “Thanks very much.”

As usual, the Aussie summer put on a stinking hot day for us. After meeting at the President Hotel it was a slow hot ride down the F3 freeway. Some sort of traffic incident was slowing things up apparently. First stop was somewhere I’d never been before—the Mooney Mooney Bowling Club. Thankfully it was air-conditioned and most of the riders enjoyed some great food and cold drinks.

…fill it with bikers on a Saturday arvo and it’s quite a nice pub!

Heading back to Sydney, we stopped at Killara where one local said we were “the most exciting thing to come to Killara in years”. You’d think Killara wasn’t a suburb of Sydney at all, and this bloke seemed like he was from another planet. I’d passed the pub a few times at night and seen it jam-packed with rugby-watching 19-year-old kids with their collars up; not really my type of place. But fill it with bikers on a Saturday arvo and it’s quite a nice pub!

After stopping in at The Sands Pub in Narrabeen, we swung back to the clubhouse for some music and prizes. As usual, the grassy shaded clubhouse lawn was a top place to have a few cold beers, listen to some sounds, and have a good old chat.

The Northern Beaches Social Club often hang out at these events, and they are a great bunch of people who give the run more of a family feel, in the sense that everyone seems to know each other like family.

As the sun went down most people started rolling out. I guess when you’re lying on the grass with a belly full of beer and good food, feeling well at peace with the world, it’s tempting to fall asleep, as one female patron did.

Hopefully, once the police have finished with their recent ‘crackdown’, we can all get back to the old ‘live and let live’ philosophy and enjoy more great runs like this one.

words & pics by Wasko

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