Phantom Pro-Street Evo

Phantom wanted his bike to carve out a few mountain race tracks.

AFTER RETURNING from the USA, I decided the Gold Coast had a lot to offer with its great beaches, weather, fantastic nightlife, and amazing hinterland. I mean, have a go at those mountains out the back — they were definitely created by the Motorcycling Gods! I decided this was the perfect spot to park for awhile and get back to what has consumed years of my life — motorcycles!

What I needed was a bike that not only had performance and handling but good stopping power as well. With all this in mind I went to Johnno from John’s Customs Motorcycle & Paint at Currumbin who agreed to work with me on this. With Johnno doing the hard-yards we came up with a tidy pro street Evo that fits the bill perfectly.

This certainly isn’t just another ‘custom bike out of a box’ with many one-off handmade parts including not only the frame, exhausts and handlebars, but also the paint and bodywork.

Johnno also added a few engine mods that he’s perfected over the years that really puts this scooter out in front of the pack. S&S is proven performance.

With a kick-arse ride like this raring to go, time was a wastin’, and it wasn’t long before I had carved out a few mountain race tracks. Thanks to Progressive shocks all round the bike felt like it was on rails.

We all have a particularly good stretch of street that constantly pushes the limit! A typical ride is a long quick run through the hills, ploughing through sweeping bends chasing every last G then punching down straights at warp speed. Total fun! Then it’s a modest stroll up the freeway or a slow putt along the beach-front just to level out the rush.

The Specs On This Bike:

Kenny Boyce style pro street frame with 3.5 inch stretch, 38 degree rake, and 6-inch-over fork tubes.

H-D Evo 80 ci with S&S lower.

KB 10.5:1 pistons.

EV 46 cam, adjustable pushrods.

Heads flowed & decked.

Dyna 2000 single fire ignition.

S&S E-series carby.

Barnet clutch.

Belt drive primary.

Progressive Suspension front & rear.

Paint & build by John’s Customs.

With these specs you can imagine I built this bike as a good all-rounder. It can be a cruiser or a bruiser! However, this bike demands respect when in bruiser mode.

pics by Rod Cole; words by Phantom

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