Patriots Military Club Braham Run

round 70 members of the Queensland Chapters of the Patriots converged on Rockhampton for the annual Brahma Run, sponsored by the Moreton Bay Chapter of the Patriots.

THE Braham Run sees Patriots club members of all Queensland Chapters meet for a weekend of riding, socialising and telling old war stories of their time in the Defence Force.

This year two ‘old’ sailors reunited after 23 years of not seeing each other. Tomo and Skip both served together in the late ’80s and found out that they were both in different Patriots Chapters. Needless to say, the Brahma Run was great excuse to get together and tell waries.

There were some sidewards looks from the local constabulatory as the pack rode around town and to Yeppoon, but no hassles. Although, at 6 am on Monday, it was unusual to ride into a booze and drug testing station but we are sure that this was purely a coincidence.

Unfortunately, the need to work on Saturday required me to drive my ute to the run and I was duly admonished by all. This same much maligned utility was a God-send when the Chapter President got as flat tyre on the return trip and his bike was taxied back to Redcliffe. Ha, they may laugh at it being a Harley Recovery Vehicle, but it did the job!

Patriots Motorcycle Club

story compiled by Roo

More Info on the Patriots

THE Patriots was created when five serving members of the Royal Australian Navy started the club in 1993. These people considered that there was a need for military personnel with a common love of motorcycles, to have a contact point wherever they were posted; aA place where they would be accepted, given accommodation and also share their passion for motorcycling.

The Chapters run in strict accordance with Defence Department guidelines. They do not tolerate drugs, violence or theft, and believe in the non-sexist policy promoted by the Defence Department.

The Patriots are a family-oriented club and as such invite serving and ex-serving members to happily bring along their families.

The Moreton Bay Chapter is a 100 percent Military Chapter limiting membership to only those who have or a serving member of the Defence Force. This means that members have a very strong common bond and actually speak the same language, although the Navy boy’s slang is still a mystery to those who haven’t spent time in the senior service.

Moreton Bay Chapter members reside within the following areas: Brisbane & surrounding suburbs, north & south Coast, south east Queensland as well as reaching out as far north as Tin Can Bay & Blackwater and south west as Toowoomba. Meetings are held at the clubrooms which are situated at the Redcliffe’s Showground, and the clubrooms are open from 5 pm Friday night until late, and 2—5 pm on Sundays.

So if you ride a bike larger than a 250 cc, have or are serving in the Australian Permanent or Reserve Forces and live in Brisbane. Drop on in and say hello, share a drink and tell some waries!

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