Pacific HD Retro Chop

ME AND Jeremy at Pacific HD put it together. We built it for the shop. It was something we wanted to do. We basically started out with a rigid Panhead frame. We traded a couple of parts in from customers, various bits and pieces, and we slowly accumulated enough to build a bike and then off we went.

The frame was widened to take the 200, then it was raised a little bit taller to fit in the Evo.

We built the motor—got some S&S cases from Redgrave Motorcycles, stock bottom-end with 10:1 pistons on it, pretty standard cam and headwork, S&S carby.

Exhausts are off a Deuce; we just put the mufflers on that we sell in the shop.

Paint was done by Ronnie Keed at Arncliffe.

Springer front-end’s a Roadmax. Headlight’s Roadmax too.

Bars were custom made using some Twin Cam controls that we linished down.

The seat was done by Kansas Charley.

The fender was just a blank and we made all that up to fit.

Jeremy did all the welding of brackets on the frame to fit the brakes, oil tank, etc. He also made up the alloy dash cover for the tank.

The actual tailight itself you can get over the counter but Jeremy made up the rest of it; the snorkel piece, etc. He also modified the oil tank to suit.

Polished the engine right through so it’s nice and shiny.

It’s got an electric start, and the horn button’s up underneath the front on the top engine mount.

We try to do everything in-house as much as we can, bar the paint and chrome. Mark chose all the colours and the paintwork design. But we all had a bit of input in it. It was good fun.

pics by Walter Wall; words by Scotty

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