Nitrous Assist Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight

“I’ve got the nitrous computer set for 60 km/h and 60 percent throttle, no buttons or anything to hit, and it goes. It’s a real lot of fun,” said Mark at APL Performance Bikes.

THE IDEAS for the design of this Sportster Forty-Eight were Mark’s, who owns the bike. Mark has previously built some really nice bikes like the Road King featured in Ozbike #354. He always likes to enhance the Harley and so do I, so we were really on the same page with the ideas for this Forty-Eight.

There was no panel work. We utilised the standard Harley-Davidson paint. We could have sprayed it anyway we wanted because money wasn’t an issue. We didn’t want a glitzy bike because that’s not what people want at the moment. Black is the new chrome.

We changed the handlebars and grips to Rolland Sands Design. We also fitted a Vance & Hines black exhaust, Rolland Sands Design velocity stack, and every bolt is machined and chromed—that’s the first thing Mark likes to have done.

We did the suspension up with gold valves in the front and new billet Progressive Suspension shocks on the rear.

We used some really good quality Genuine Harley-Davidson parts and aftermarket parts that complimented each other. That’s a Genuine Harley seat. The fuel gauge is on the master cylinder and it’s Genuine Harley and really good quality. The side-mount number plate is Genuine Harley-Davidson. It’s legal because it can be seen 45 degrees from the back of the bike. It also flips back if it were to hit a car or catch on something.

It runs a ThunderMax Fuel Injection computer and a ThunderMax Nitrous Assist Dry system which I am real proud to be fitting in the workshop. It only takes about 20 minutes to fit. Everything is supplied, even the airfilter. No hole drilling necessary.

Because the motor is all stock, it rides around town really nice, then if you’re up for a challenge with one of your mates or you just feel like gettin’ out there and gettin’ into it, you’ve got a 60 horsepower shot of nitrous which is a shitload of fun. I’ve got the nitrous computer set for 60 km/h and 60 percent throttle, no buttons or anything to hit, and it goes. It’s a real lot of fun.

Everyone likes Sportster Forty-Eights and we’ve tried to build something that fills the gap between having a fast Jap bike and a Harley. With the ThunderMax Nitrous Assist Dry system, you’ve got a fast zippy machine but you’ve still got the Harley.

Photos by Wall 2 Wall; words by Adam at APL Performance Bikes

The Bird in Hand Inn

WHEN WE asked the owners of the Bird in Hand Inn if we could photograph the Sportster inside their pub, it was no worries. Tables and chairs, and a few drinkers, were moved so we could manoeuvre the bike into position for the photos.

The Bird in Hand Inn is a great little pub with a fantastic atmosphere. It’s located 10 minutes from Windsor in Pitt Town, famous as the location used for A Country Practice, the well known Australian drama series. 

If you’re looking to go for a ride, they have live music Sunday arvos with plenty of parking for motorbikes. 

The Bird in Hand Inn, 81 Bathurst Street, Pitt Town, NSW 2756.

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