More Boobs Please

OZBIKE — I just can’t hold my tongue any longer. I’ve been reading Ozbike for many years but, I mean, fuck, what’s happened to you guys? You’ve gone soft! No more boobs on the feature bikes; hardly any tits at all! Yes, I know, I could just buy porn, but I don’t want porn, I want nude chicks on Harley-Davidson motorbikes! Please pay for more models and you will get a lot more viewers.

PS: This is my Sporty attached.


Actually, there’s some pretty hot chicks on this website. But, you’re right — you can never have too many tits. Problem is, it’s not hard getting girls to poses topless, it’s just hard to get the good-looking ones to do it. It’s either ugly with tits, or hot chicks without. Anyway, I’m on to it. More boobs — Skol.

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