Lincoln Causeway Classic and vintage Motorbike Show

COL HAS been riding bikes for a while and is often seen attending classic rides around the countryside. Ten years ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease and the outlook was grim—but his presence today shows he has battled on. His tap-on-the-shoulder has made him aware of others in the same plight and led to him organising this fundraiser with the support of the Wodonga Lions Club.

Located on the Lincoln Causeway between Albury and Wodonga, the bike show encompassed the old and the new. Old classics, race bikes, vintage, MX, and sidecars in fine fettle stood proudly shining in the sunny morn vying for trophies against the showing of new and custom bikes and trikes, some with masterful paint jobs.

Overall 150 motorcycles were on display in 20 categories; well laid out with room to browse and peruse the machines from all angles.

The sunny weather and a dearth of events such as this bike show in the area in the last few years contributed to the crowd numbers—1700 people attended throughout the day—and, In fact, it was difficult to move very far without running into someone for a chat about this or that or remembering when.

Many local businesses donated and there were many stalls with products on display. A couple of local lads strummed out tunes of both types of music, country and western.

There was even an exhaust noise level testing station set-up. A few guys went in to see if their pipes complied but, as bike riders do, this soon deteriorated into a competition of who could make the loudest noise—all good fun and it had plenty of onlookers.

The day was a complete success with $6000 raised for Kidney Health Australia. Col and the Wodonga Lions Club are to be congratulated.

Words & pics by Stewie from Albury

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