Life And Death MC Gatton Tattoo Show

Beautiful weather, beautiful tattoos, beautiful Queensland. What more could you want…

IT IS always great to visit the Glamorgan Vale Hotel. Rusty’s bar is always busy and serves up a great cold beer and good tucker; this year the food was supplied by the RSL from Lowood. People kept turning with their families waiting for the tattoo show which was scheduled for early afternoon. By the time it started, there were more than 300 people there. The guys from Life And Death MC manned the table for hours getting the tattoos signed in to their categories.

Many bring their swag and a small tent to make a good weekend of it. They enjoy having a few beers with their mates and then partying hard after the tattoo show is finished. The bands ring out well into the night at Rusty’s and by the time the tattoo show is on the way, a few had had a few too many beers.

Many new tattoos were on show here today. I’ve got to say it was easy being there to take photos and getting to see some fantastic tattoos up close. One that took my eye was a young blonde lass, her chest adored with a fantastic and very hot tattoo of a pair of guns among roses. That would have been my pick.

It takes about two hours to judge all the different entries. There is Best Leg, Best Arm, Best Back, and so on. A few guys had their club patches tattooed on their backs, and you can see many hours of work everywhere, so many different tattoos, it’s mind boggling to remember them all.

Some of the girls adored their bodies with back, arm, leg and butt tattoos, and they like to show off their art like the guys do.

Soon it was time to give out the prizes. The trophies were great—Best Overall was a neat looking gothic sword; other prizes included dragons and fairies—which many were so happy to win.

Thanks to the guys from the Life And Death MC for organising a fantastic day. A great tattoo show.

Words & pics by Jules at Top Gun

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