Shelly and the Blue Triumph Motorcycle

"I've fallen in love with the modelling side as well as acting," said Shelly.

I’M very fresh to the modelling side of things. In the last year I’ve had a few people contact me in regards to some opportunities, and from there it’s all exploded with the modelling.

I moved to Canberra in 2016. I’ve been pretty much all around Australia. I’ve lived in a bus, traveling around. I grew up in Northern New South Wales but I’ve lived in WA, Sydney, Bathurst, Gold Coast; name it, I’ve probably been there. I actually came to Canberra from living in Barcelona.

When I was younger, I lived on a farm and grew up with dirt bikes. So me and my brothers always had dirt bikes and were riding around and stuff. As I’ve gotten older, my love for bikes, I’ve kind of gone from dirt to a bit nicer. I’ve always said that I’d much prefer to be on a bike than in the car. I always felt safer on a bike.

I played soccer for about 10 and a half years, and I’ve been playing AFL for the last couple of years. Actually, I’ve just been put into first grade for the last few weeks which is pretty exciting news. I play for Queanbeyan Tigers. Sadly, in the last game I played, I went up for a mark, a contested mark, and went off balance and when I landed, came down on my ankle wrong. So I’ve done the ligaments in my ankle now so I’ll be out for the next couple of weeks, but hopefully the recovery is quick and I can get back out on the field soon. 

I was part of the Maxim Australian Swimwear Model of the Year Competition recently. I ended up winning the Canberra comp, so I’m the Canberra title winner, and represented Canberra at the national level. The national titles were held on the Gold Coast and I won Miss Congeniality overall. It’s a week-long competition so there were a couple of heats to make up the full competition which was very fun because there were also interviews with the press and different events and outings that they had us do. So it was, yeah, really exciting.

I’ve fallen in love with the modelling side as well as acting. I’ve started up my own Facebook page and I’ve kind of got myself out on different areas and looking for agencies and stuff to keep going with that further. My Facebook page is Shelly McCartridge Actress and Model. So check it out.

model on Triumph motorcycle

words by Shelly while being photographed on Chris Campbell’s Triumph by Julius Goboly.

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