Lazy Day Custom Revolution

It all looks so easy—but Gary, Rod and John were anything but lazy in putting this awesome piece of machinery together.

IT WAS supposed to be just a few modifications—a piece of chrome here and there—but everyone knows when someone says, “Just a few bits; nothing drastic,” you’re in trouble. Before John knew what had happened, the customising bug had bitten—and with the bug racing through his blood he realised the possibilities were endless. Luckily, with a helping hand from both Gary and Rod, a careful plan of attack was laid—and that of course changed. And changed again. And changed again.

John and Gary sat down and roughed out a few frame modifications, stripped down the bike and altered the tank and guards, then bolted her back together.

For the next several months, John spent hours filing and cleaning, etc, making sure every nut and bolt was perfect.

When the final decision was made to Gary and Rod’s relief, the bike was again stripped and Rod finished the prep and base paint-work on the tanks, guards and frame.

Everything, including the frame, then went over to Luke from Gold Coast Custom Paint and he airbrushed some wicked skull work onto the blue custom. A lot of hours went into it, and the more you look at the airbrush work, the more you can see!

After Rod had cleared everything, the monster was ready to be unleashed onto the roads…

Or so we thought…

After riding her around for several months the bug had not left John’s system (does it ever?) and he decided the front-end needed a change. Gary recommended several front-ends until John got hooked on an American Suspension Springer unit. With its hidden brake lines, internal shocks and some sinister-looking fork caps, it was obvious that John wasn’t interested in blending into the crowd. These amazing front-ends are not cheap but with the high quality of work that goes into them, they are well worth it.

Even with years of customising experience, the new front-end was a pig to fit. Luckily, Gary isn’t one who likes to let someone down. They eventually got it worked out (which is lucky considering they sold another one a week later just by the guy looking at John’s bike) and you can see for yourself how great it looks!

The engine was warmed up and rejuvenated.

The Blue Revolution bike has won numerous awards and holds it own even against many customs worth three times the price. It’s a crowd favourite and there is little doubt as to why John always has a content smile on his face whenever he gets to ride it on those longed-for lazy days…

Pics by Jules @ Top Gun; words by Jessica

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