King Pin Fire & Ice Chopper

"Brian wanted something very spectacular so we ordered the best of everything we could offer him," said Bomba at King Pin Choppers.

THE FIRE & Ice Chopper was built for Brian from Pine Rivers 24 Hour Towing. He saw us about doing a bike and gave us a picture of a supercharged Corvette he owned. Said he wanted a matching bike and car for shows and promotional purposes for his business. Brian wanted something very spectacular so we ordered the best of everything we could offer him.

We started with one of our frames. It has a single front down-tube to give it that unique look, with a 48 degree rake and a six-inch stretch in the backbone. We fitted a special 300, right-side-drive, one-sided swingarm which was designed on our computer and made in our workshop.

Then we talked Brian into getting a Goldammer front-end. Although it’s one of the most expensive on the market, it’s very different and really gives the Fire & Ice Chopper a unique look.

We had to machine a rear hub which turned out to be a lot bigger job than expected. In fact, the whole bike actually turned out a lot bigger job than we expected. The 300, right-side-drive wheel has a matching pulley/brake, all-in-one system that goes on the right side as well.

We used a 23-inch front wheel; it’s 3.25 inches wide to match the 300 rear so it handles pretty well.

The cat’s eye headlight and handlebars set off the front-end nicely. When the Goldammer front-end arrived it was too short; we had ordered 14-inches-over but they had sent the wrong one. When the right one finally arrived, it worked out fantastic.

Then we proceeded to cut and mould all his guards which he left up to me to design. We also designed his pipes.

The fuel tank was originally from Custom Chrome. We modified it by adding an extra six inches to make it all fit up to the seat.

The seat was upholstered by Ergo Seats. The guy came to our workshop, make a little plastic template, and took it home to finish the job. Turned out really nice.

The hand controls—the hydraulic clutch, all the lines, master cylinder and everything—are fully internal. They are very nice to use. We also built a digital gauge into the handlebars.

Brett from Brett’s Custom Paint did the magnificent paint job.

Brian wanted the best motor money could buy so we got him a fully-polished, 124 cubic inch, TP motor. They are a magnificent motor. And we used a Roadmax six-speed gearbox and a new six-inch belt-drive from Hitech.

We used the twin Webers to give the same effect as the supercharger on the owner’s Corvette, although I consider the finished chopper a hell of a lot better than a Corvette! The twin Webers stick straight up in the air with the trumpet headers; they really give it a fantastic look.

pics by Wall to Wall; words by Bomba at King Pin Choppers.

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