Jet-Fighter Harley-Davidson Deuce

Forget the street-fighter—this Deuce a jet-fighter—it runs on avgas!

BEING the tall bloke that I am, I wanted to stick to a long lean bike. I think the Deuce is the closest thing to the chopper look for a stock Harley-Davidson. I’ve also dropped the seat height another two inches from the factory.

I’ve pretty much done everything to it. The front guard’s custom made; the wheels, suspension and everything. Every single bolt’s pretty much been changed to chrome bolts, plus all the dressing up bits like the spoiler kits underneath; the grips. There’s nothing black left on it. Nothing’s galvanised — it’s all chrome.

Half the engine was sent to WA to get high-flow port and polished heads and other things. Dave from Mild & Wild Custom Cycles put it all together for me. It’s got a few fast bits in it: S&S pistons and pushrods, cylinders bored and honed. It runs a Crane Ignition HI-4TC 88 and a Wimmer air cleaner which all helps it keep up with a lot of the bigger cube engines; blows a lot of them away too.

Harley-Davidson Deuce

It’s also set up to actually run on avgas too.

Avgas is a better quality fuel, a thinner fuel, with a higher octane, which is about 110 octane level. I’ve topped it up and ridden it like that and it’s mind-blowing. The amount of power is incredible. My biggest thrill is having a Japper next to me — I don’t care what it is — and having that fuel in there and I know I’ll pull away from them.

The engine’s got forged pistons. It’s all been machined. Everything’s forged and billet internally. Even the cam setup is radical. It’s a 570 S&S G Cam which is a pretty wild lift. So when it gets to 2500 or 3000 you just feel it pulling.

Harley-Davidson Deuce

words by Michael; pics by Wasko

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