Jaffalicious Pro Street Motorcycle

“…I always had a fancy for the Pro Street style with low flowing lines…” said Jonno.

BEING AN engineer by trade, I have always wanted to own a true custom chopper, but rather than the tall look, I always had a fancy for the Pro Street style with low flowing lines. While it is not always practical, it does look cool if you get everything to fit as though they were meant to be there. I got the approval of the Home Chief Financial Officer and the proceeded to build my dream Chopper.

Chris Maze undertook the assembly with many top class parts, for instance, an S&S 124-cubic-inch motor, an S&S IST ignition with Profire coils to ensure fuel/air mixture’s clean burning, and the Martin Brothers Slickstas exhaust pipes exiting the waste gases with style.

Transmission can sometimes make or break a bike, especially one that is regularly ridden, which is why an American-made, Baker, billet, six-speed gearbox was used for its strength backed up by an American-made, three-inch belt drive from Belt Drives Ltd.

The engine and gearbox are housed inside a frame often used by Von Dutch Motorcycles; a Diamond Chassis with a 38-degree-rake and seven degrees in the triple trees of the Mean Street Predator front-end.

In the rear, there’s Air Ride shocks from Legend, with Black Bike 120-spoke wheels front and rear. Accompanied by Performance Machine brakes, this chopper rolls in style.

The fuel and oil tanks and rear guard were all parts of the Diamond Chassis kit, but the front guard takes the form of a Martin Brothers fork brace.

The accessories on the rest of the bike boast OMP controls, Eddie Trotter Thunder Cycles pegs and grips, a Headwinds headlight, and a Corbin ostrich skin seat, all brought together with a beautiful hot orange paint job from Eddie’s Custom Paint and Panel.

Thanks must go to Chris Maze and Daniel Shelton for help with the build; the Grunt factory for parts; Eddie from Eddie’s Paint and Panel; and the three women in my life, my lovely wife Anouk and two daughters.

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