Vivid Black Harley-Davidson Hog

There’s nothing more pleasing than cruising the streets on a real head-turner with a decibel thumping sound.

AS A YOUNG bloke, Frank had a passion for souped-up cars, especially old Valiants. Later, motorbikes became his passion and he was soon rocketing around the paddocks like Evel Knievel on his Honda YZ80, and by all accounts, this pocket-rocket used to fly like the clappers with a few spills and thrills along the way.

When he turned 19, his next venture was a Honda CB500 which was nothing short of being a real hoot. Franks says once you wrung the throttle, it was mind-blasting. Soon the Honda came to grief with a bit of gravel rash. Frank came up okay though, and before long he had the Honda up and running with extended forks, custom made guards, and a four-into-one exhaust that would wake the dead.

The custom bug had bitten.

These days he spends much of his spare time with his brother Robert. They both love restorations, and any modifications they do are related to some form of metal fabrication. Frank learnt welding from his dad who was making parts for tractors or other horticultural machinery. Frank said sometimes the parts they make are a hell-of-a-lot better than the originals.

Frank’s latest project is this swank looking, Vivid Black Harley-Davidson Hog.

The custom frame cradles one smokin’ 1975 84-cubic-inch Shovel engine. The cylinder heads have been ported and polished, and with super cams and a S&S shorty carb, the engine is some-what untameable. Frank says you have to twist the throttle with care or it will launch your arse off the seat.

To start the donk, it has a push button, but no key is required as the magneto is true and tested and doesn’t require electricity.

The springer forks are fitted with a chrome billet headlight; the handlebars have a look of their own; the funky looking mirrors give the bike style; and there is no clutter like gauges, etc, to the head stem area; a nice and simple finish.

No hog is complete without a decent size fuel tank and this metal bottle has been revamped to hold 16 litres of go-juice.

Nothing beats resting one’s arse on a low, leather, custom-made seat, and this low rider has one of the lowest.

Braking on the front is a chrome caliper on a single disc; the rear set-up incorporates both the rear sprocket and disc brake into one. For a fashion statement, the rear brake light says it all—chrome and groovy looking.

The Vivid Black Harley-Davidson Hog has a six-speed gearbox. The four-inch primary belt would make a good treadmill for an over-sized rat. Dangling above it is the custom-made exhaust—painted black with chrome crown type tips. At night, Frank tells us, the pipes spit out flames which look awesome.

The tank, forks and rear mudguard have a splashing of pinstriping artwork to complement the vivid black duco.

The raked forks looks even more spectacular with the 21-inch front wheel; the arse end is wrapped in a Dunlop 250/40 tyre.

This is a modern bike you could ride any day of the week. Frank says it won’t stop here; it’ll soon get another make-over. “You see, if you’re passionate enough, you will strive for the best, and that’s what I want for my Vivid Black Harley-Davidson Hog.” 

Kymberley Kate

THIS IS the first time young Kymberley has ever done this type of work, and I have to say, she has done a brilliant task. She comes from a truckie background—her dad (Eddy) and brother (Buddy) run road-trains up north—and she works in an aged care centre. 

Words & pics by Rags

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