Hog On Harley-Davidson Evo

The long days of cruising the streets of Adelaide, the city of churches, on this fine-looking piece of metal-art as going to raise a few eyebrows.

EVER SINCE Vince could grasp the handlebars and wring the neck of a bike, he knew it was freedom. Motorbikes have come and gone throughout Vince’s life from trail bikes to big Jappers. Then he grabbed a real bike: a big, bold, brash, Harley-Davidson FLH. The arse-wrenching machine was some motorcycle. Vince said he could not get over the power this two-wheeling, metal-fabricated bike was capable of.

The years zipped by and Vince came across a custom-built Harley-Davidson Softail. It was a reluctant sale and Vince snapped up the beauty before the owner changed his mind.

Vince liked the idea of going for a bike that was already custom built. “Being a die-hard rider,” he said, “I have only owned the Hog for six months and have already notched up many km on it. Every fortnight, a group of mates and myself head out for runs in the Adelaide Hills, or the seaside coastal tours, to enjoy the cruise.”

Cradled in the frame is one super hot 1340 cc donk, and from all accounts, the engine has been worked, although to what degree, that would just be a guess until it is stripped down.

The Softail is eye-catching candy. Vince said the saddle comes with LePera; the sparkling, three-spoke alloy front wheel is dressed in Metzeler Marathon; the rear is coated in a Dunlop tyre with the Harley-Davidson name impregnated on the sidewall.

Some fiery artwork adorns the fuel tank, front mud guard, rear mud guard and the side oil tank. The silver and reddish flames blend into the Hog’s main royal blue colour. When you stand back and look at the bike, the paint work just flows.

The Hog Softail comes with twin Dragway calipers, and when you look at the twin discs, the slots, they blend in with the three-spoke custom wheels.

The T–bar handlebars look slick and the custom handle grips, Vince said, are great on long rides.

Just idling over, the Softail Evolution 1340 cc engine rattles the bones in ya feet, and then the big take off… well, what more can one say, it’s absolutely music to one’s ears. Gleaming from the donk is a Vance & Hines two-into-one exhaust. It balances the style; the contours just look the part.

Cruising, the Hog sits on the road with splendour; the corning is second-to-none; the riding is just superb.

Harley-Davidson Evo

Vince is a die-hard bike nutter with a passion for life. He loves cruising the streets with his mates, and on the spur of the moment, wrings the H-D’s neck, feeling the breeze racing over his face. Vince reckons this is why God created a gap in your legs—to ride a Harley-Davidson.

Words & pics by Steve (Rags) Morris.

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