Guinness World Burnout Record

STUNT rider Joe Dryden became a Guinness World Records title holder by completing a burnout of 2.23 miles (3.58 km) at Orlando Speed World on a Victory Octane. Dryden was poised to serve up an even longer burnout on the small oval racetrack, but at the record-setting 2.23-mile mark, his rear tyre disintegrated, ending his smoky run. He left the bike on its side on the racetrack and walked away with his arms raised in triumph.

“Once I found the ideal balance of braking and throttle, it was just a matter of time, and tyre rubber, before we set the new record,” Dryden said.

The record-setting burnout was certified by a Guinness adjudicator who witnessed the burnout and counted as Dryden laid rubber for just over seven laps around the compact racetrack. The Guinness official, clad in his crested sport jacket with lapel piping, presented Dryden with a world record certificate. Dryden and his Victory Stunt Team partner, Tony Carbajal, then popped celebratory bottles of champagne.

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