Great Scott! Softail

Every man needs a bike and I decided that I really needed a Harley-Davidson Softail Standard.

WHEN Standard arrived, as you can imagine, I had to bribe the Minister of Finance (wife) that I needed new bars, exhaust and tuner on a brand new bike. I got the nod but it was followed with a “that’s it; no more mods!” Yeah right! Like every other build it never stops there, and next was the discussion on how a Heartland 250 kit would be the be-all-and-end-all. I think from here she finally gave up and it was open slather—along came new wheels, guards and a complete chrome engine kit.

The next issue of where the Hell can I get all the custom work done. The telephone bill soared until I finally got onto Jeff and Nathan at Chopperworks in Brisbane. The pride and joy (or the second woman as the Minister calls it) went off to Brissy.

A few weeks later Jeff calls to say the bike is ready for pick up, and of course I have to fly down and make sure all is okay before the transport home.

The bike is brilliant and looks exactly how I (sorry, we) wanted it and the build is complete.

WRONG, after flicking through Ozbike magazine, it needed a little more, and yes, you guessed right, the Minister stepped in. A few bribes (yes, I am that good) and a few white lies, along came a Mean Street front-end, billet forward controls, a removable second seat, braided lines, billet caliper, and just to top it off, a colour change to the oil tank.

First thanks to Chopperworks for the excellent workmanship and liaising with me through it all, however, an even bigger thanks to the Minister (Kylie), and my two boys, Liam and Dusty, for being so patient.

What started out as a Standard Softail has turned into a not-so-standard show machine.

Harley Softail Standard 1

Pics by Skafty; words by Scott

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