Gollum’s Precious Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

"Now she runs sweet as a nut which is a relief as it was starting to cost more than I can afford," said Gollum.

MY BIKE started life as a 2009 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob. I was looking for a bike that would handle the gravel roads and stay on its wheels. So with the 16-inch wheels and 130 front and 180 back tyres and the twin stoppers up front, I figured this was the bike best suited for my needs, and of course, the swingarm arse-end just might make it a bit more user-friendly on these goat tracks they call roads out my way.

That’s where the idea of the single headlight, gaiters on the forks and the small mud flap on the front came from. But as the old saying goes, it doesn’t stop there, so off came the fender rails, chain-guard and indicators to go to the powder-coaters to be done in satin black. The guys at JD’s Precision Powder Coaters in Perth WA did a great job.

Next it was on the internet to M&M Cycles in the USA where I got the flush-mounted fuel caps, LED tailight, solo seat, billet mirrors, diamond grips, edge cut leavers, Vance & Hines air cleaner along with the Big Radius two-into-one pipe.

Now it was starting to take shape but wasn’t quite enough for me.

After talking to Mick at Great Southern Motorcycles, our local Harley-Davidson dealer, the bike went in for a Stage II Screamin’ Eagle 103 kit.

Not long after that, the standard Harley lifters were feeling the pinch and one had collapsed so off she went to the mechanic for a new one. Three weeks later another one collapsed so that was it, I got the shits big time and went and had a talk with Daniel, my mechanic. We both decided the standard lifters were not up to the punishment the bike gets on a regular basis. So out they came and were replaced with a set of Screamin’ Eagle lifters, adjustable pushrods and ignition.

Now she runs sweet as a nut which is a relief as it was starting to cost more than I can afford. Driving road trains is not bad money but I am no millionaire.

A big thanks to Daniel Cobain, a bloody good mechanic as well as being a top bloke. And of course my wife Anne who has the patience to put up with my bullshit.

STEVO aka GOLLUM, God’s Garbage MC WA.

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