Go the Bolt

HEY mate. I’ve got a 2014 Yamaha Bolt — not that it’s recognised as a Bolt…

I’ve only recently purchased the bike off my dad who did all the work to it. He first thought of it when he was in Victoria visiting my sister on his Night Train, but after having an accident back in 2010, and ending up with a reconstructed left foot and ankle, changing gears on the Night Train was getting a bit much on long trips. Whilst in Vic he was in one of the Yamaha shops and saw a Bolt on display and thought, “I can do something with that.” 

About a year later the Night Train found a new home in WA, and along came the brand new R-spec Bolt.

Then the mission started to seek ideas on what direction to go with the build, with putting a few ideas from the good old days and some inspiration from bikes overseas, mainly Europe and America.

We ended up sourcing the rear shorty fender, seat and chin scoop and intake from Low and Mean in America. It was just a waiting game till they turned up.

Bars, mirrors and indicators were decided upon whist waiting.

Once everything from America turned up, he paints the rear shorty fender green and black to match the rest of the bike.

Once everything was all back together it was time to hit the road.

For about a year it stayed black and green turning heads everywhere it went. 

When we realised that the Bermagui bike show was being hosted by the CRABs (Cancer Research Advocate Biker group) in a few months time, we came up with the idea of an out-there but subtle paint job. After looking at a few colours, it come down to being red mica candy over a deep black base coat in which Dad painted in the BBQ area at home himself.

Then the show come around and he ended up winning best custom.

Since doing so he has customised my other bike from a full custom rear-end to painting the whole bike in a candy blue; and the Bolt has received the new custom 2-into-2 exhaust instead of the previous 2-into-one Vance & Hines Comp Series muffler. 

Then the time come to move on from the motorcycle side of things and I figured, being his last bike, I want it! Not only for having a nice bike but also for the pride of owning one of the best bikes he has made so far.


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