Custom Lowdown Evo Harley

Nick's custom Evo was built the old fashioned way — with a lot of handmade parts and owner input to achieve the final result.

IT ALL STARTED years ago when all my mates and myself were into cars and cruising around. When the cops started cracking down on modified cars the novelty started to wear off going cruising Friday/Saturday nights. Wanting a Harley or custom bike for years, I thought, ‘Stuff it! I’ll sell the car and buy a bike.’

Keeping my eye out in the Trading Post and local rag for a Harley became a weekly event. Finally one came up at the right price and I was quick enough to snatch it up. Now the fun begins — trying to modify it and keep it on the road at the same time.

A good mate of mine, Andy from Fireball Fabrication, stretched the original tanks and provided the widened rear guard to fit the 180 rear wheel.

I used the original front guard and filled in the sides to make it look different to standard.

The whole front-end was changed with four-inch-over tubes and Doss Waterfall lower legs. The billet triple trees were made in-house at SC Choppers, Brendale.

I shortened the rear axle and made up axle covers with the indicators mounted underneath.

When I stripped the bike I removed all the brackets not used and tidied up all the old welds.

I moved the coil and ignition key and mounted them under the tank and hid them away behind the custom made cover.

The dash setup is all handmade with silver face Autometer speedo and oil pressure gauge with sunken LEDs for warning indication.

Les from Fat Pipes made the custom two-into-one pipe for me. It is internally baffled and HPC ceramic coated.

The 21-inch apes were removed and a set of four-inch rises and drag bars put in their place.

Big Terry rebuilt the engine and gearbox while they were out of the frame. The engine is the original 80 cube Evo with Wiseco pistons and 10.5:1 compression, Crane cam, E-series S&S carb and Crane Hi-4 ignition.

Scuba Steve painted the frame, swingarm, headlight and accessories. The bike is actually gloss black with House of Kolor brandy wine candy over the top.

Every piece of chrome, every nut and bolt on the bike, has either been replaced or re-chromed thanks to Pine Rivers Electro-Plating.

The forward controls and rear pillion pegs were made by Rhino at Rhino Custom Fabrication.

The rear suspension is a Hi/Lo air-bag set-up with on-board compressor for easy adjustment when I put on the pillion pad and take the wife for a ride. It also looks great when you pull up somewhere and dump the bike on the ground.

Words by Nick; pics by Jo

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