Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit

BAKER announces the release of its Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit. This kit replaces the stock shift system in your bike, and provides a shift that feels and sounds smoother and quieter, as well as a positive neutral engagement. No more rolling your bike back and forth to find neutral.

Product Features:

Improved ratchet pawl geometry assists the rider in finding neutral the first time, every time.

Smoother, positive shifting is achieved by incorporating advanced geometry in the fork pin groves, and the integration of a linear detent bearing on the right side mounting plate.

The fixed spindle drum design offers lower friction as the drum rotates, reducing the effort required by the rider to complete a shift.

Each design improvement combines in a precise mechanical choreography that is inherently silent.

Prevents mis-shifts. The ratchet pawl design incorporates an anti-overshift feature for both up and downshifts that prevent the rider from skipping over a gear.

There is no need to disassemble the stock gear-set from the bearing door. Just pull out the stock gear-set, and swap out the stock shift drum and pawl for the Baker Smooth Shift Kit Drum and Ratchet Pawl.

No adjustments needed for the ratchet pawl or shift drum; direct bolt in design. Re-uses stock pawl centering pin, shift forks and fork rods.

Machined splines on the pawl to transmission lever provide less chance of stripping. Precision TIG welded shaft to ratchet pawl body combined with improved mechanical press fit design increase long term durability.

Two-year, 24,000 mile warranty.

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