Count Igor Coffin Sidecar

When night sets in and you hear the sound of a motorbike approaching, you had better lock up your daughters and put garlic in their beds. Be aware. Be very, very aware!

THE story of Smiley and his Triumph motorcycle sidecar has been coming in fruition very slowly, and is a credit to his perseverance. He originally built the Triumph as a solo ride, but after having his leg removed and replaced with an artificial limb, making it impossible to ride, he converted it to a three-wheeler.

And being as twisted as he is, he added a mural of his favourite passenger — welcome on board, Count Igor!

Final words from Smiley:

I BOUGHT the bike, an oil-in-frame model, in 1979, and over the years, I’ve transformed it into what it is today.

I had to mount the rear brake lever on the right-hand-side with the gear lever because my left prosthetic leg is useless, but it stops me from falling over when I stand or walk.

Harley-Davidson handlebars are mounted for better control of the sidecar. 

I mounted indicators to let everyone know what I’m doing and where I’m going.

The exhaust pipes and mufflers are custom-made which makes it sound so awesome.

I fitted a custom oil cooler.

All the polishing was done by myself.

It has been fully rebuilt and the crank has been balanced, and as you can see, it has may extras; it runs unreal.

I would like to thank Wayne Lavendar for the unreal paint job; Mick, Pecker and Sharon for parts and for fitting the sidecar to my bike; Wayne Paxton for building the coffin; my mate Wayne for tuning it; Keith for the wiring; and to my family for putting up with me. Cheers, everybody.

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