Cooled and Heated Harley-Davidson Touring Seats

THE temperature control technology built into the new Harley Hammock Heated & Cooled and Sundowner Heated & Cooled seats for Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike models are designed to extend and optimise the riding season. Both seats feature a remarkable cooling performance, and an improved heating function designed to reach selected temperatures twice as fast as previous heated seats. The heating/cooling system is self-contained within the seat, which uses the same pan shape as the standard Sundowner and Hammock seats. The seat can be easily removed after unplugging a single connection.

The thermoelectric heating/cooling system is contained entirely within the seat and utilises a Peltier device, a type of heat pump that uses electrical current to transfer heat from one side of the device, in this case a mesh of very fine wire embedded in fabric below the seat cover, to the other side of the device. When electric current travels in one direction through the device, it draws heat away from the seat surface. If the current is reversed it heats the seat surface.

There are no moving parts, and no gas or liquid to leak. A small fan in the seat base draws heat away from the device and exhausts it out the bottom. Installation requires the separate purchase of a model-specific electrical harness extension.

Greater comfort reduces fatigue and extends the riding season in any climate.

In testing with a baseline ambient temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit the seat cover will cool down by 25 degrees Fahrenheit in about 30 minutes, from your 98-degree Fahrenheit body temperature to about 76 degrees Fahrenheit. As you ride, the cooling function draws heat away from your body, which makes you feel cooler.

Dual Zone Control: Rider and passenger seating positions must use the same temperature mode (heat or cool) but each can adjust the level to individual preference or switch the function off.

A redesigned heating element reaches a selected temperature in only seven minutes.

Seam-sealed construction prevents rain or wash water from infiltrating the seat foam. No riding for hours on a squishy seat.

Sundowner Heated & Cooled Seat

THE two-up Sundowner Seat is engineered to provide the maximum in long-riding comfort.

The deep-bucket design puts most riders in an ideal touring posture, and the generous padding makes it comfortable for both the rider and passenger as the miles are adding up.

Harley Hammock Heated & Cooled Rider and Passenger Touring Seat

THE Harley Hammock seat is a premium touring seat design, created for the rider who wants the ultimate in long-haul comfort. For the rider it features a sling-like fabric suspension system that acts like a hammock, providing two inches of suspension above the seat pan, topped with an additional two inches of traditional foam cushioning. This internal suspension prevents “bottoming out” and provides an improvement in comfort and endurance by isolating the rider from harsh road conditions. The passenger position features a multiple spring-board style suspension system along with two inches of traditional foam.

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