Clockwork Flyer Motorbike

Brett was working hard, trying to get in front like everyone else — then unexpectedly he had an accident that would change his life…

I’VE BEEN riding bikes since I was 12 years old thanks to my dad, Rick, for giving me the chance to experience the best thing in life — riding bikes — and loving every second of it, dreaming that one day I would progress and have the dream bike every kid wants — and here it is — finally a dream come true.

Living in Perth with my wife and two kids, working hard, then the accident that would change my life — the loss of my finger and nearly my arm. Wanting and waiting for a year to see if I could ride again. Luckily, I only lost my finger and not my arm which brings me to today — riding bikes like I’ve never ridden before — more passion, more heart, more money, and a supportive family of three.

So this is where this bike started. First of all, it was a long process which started with researching the internet for all the right things. After weeks of searching, I finally hit Southern Motorcycle Works which could provided me with the start I needed: frame, wheels, fenders, engine, and gearbox.

Eight weeks later the project was on its way, but first I had to find a helping hand and some good advice which led me to Wild West Custom Cycles in Rockingham. I met Liam, the owner and custom bike builder who was keen to take on my project. I also wanted to keep my lucky hand in the mix, helping wherever I could.

I was to organise the paint, what a mission, but the internet again led me to one of the most creative and well known artists — Wayne Harrison from Advanced Airbrush. I spoke to him, explained what I wanted and he flew over and got straight into it. Yes, he lived up to his reputation, and all I can say is @#$%@knell unreal! Every lucky person who gets to see it in real life has been hypnotised for ages; people just stare speechless. Also involved in the paint job was Dave at Safety Bay Panel and Paint for the prep and clear coats.

Keeping in contact with Liam on regular visits, getting more information on better custom parts, proved to be costly as I don’t do things in halves. I upgraded the motor to a custom 130 cube — now were talking more power, more fun, with 150 hp and 160 ft/lb — plenty to spin that 300 rear tyre and hoping nothing breaks. I also changed to a 58 mm inverted front-end.

After Liam at Wild West Custom Cycles finished his magic, it went to Todd at the Bike Garage in Wangara where he did me a huge favour and got it street legal and straight over the pits. What a legend! Thanks, mate.

After a good couple of years, things finally came together and she runs like clockwork. What a feeling! 

Bike Specs

  • Kraf Tech frame; neck 44 degrees, negative 2-inch down-tube stretch and 5-inch backbone stretch.
  • Kraf Tech fenders.
  • Wheels: 21 x 3.25 front; 18 x 10.5 rear.
  • 130 cube custom engine.
  • Six-speed Ultima gearbox; belt-driven.
  • Custom open primary drive.
  • 48 mm Mikuni carby.

Pics by Brain White; words by Brett Reynolds

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