Shorty Drive For Harley-Davidson Shovelheads

HARLEY Shovelheads remain a mainstay for chopper builders and BDL’s new SHS-600 belt drive conversion provides extended life, strength, smooth operation and reliability to these traditional machines.

This is a complete ‘Shovel Shorty’ Electric Start drive kit for 1970 — 1978 machines with ratchet top transmissions only. The conversion requires the use of a 1989 — 2006 style starter motor which eliminates the old technology starter solenoid. It removes the need for the solenoid battery cable so no more slow starter cranking and weak starter kick backs.

The unique drive features a billet rear plate that covers the trans drive while providing support for the clutch basket assembly. Each kit is supplied with front and rear pulleys, BDL’s Kevlar clutch and a two-inch, 140 tooth belt. The rear plate/support is made up of the plate, BDL’s mini starter housing, pinion gear and starter ring gear guard.

Benefits of this unique drive system to the Harley-Davidson Shovelhead driveline are obvious and substantial. For more details and a complete parts breakdown go to

Slant Style Saddlebags

VERY QUICKLY making an impact on the motorcycle luggage scene is the TM range of rack, saddle, and tool bags. Made from a rot resistant, toughened, synthetic leather, the range of TM motorcycle luggage is undoubtedly the best value luggage range on the market today.

Focusing on saddlebags for the moment, the TM Slant Style Saddlebags features a classic chrome buckle look, but open and close with a simple, hidden buckle assembly. With an adjustable mount system to cater for guards of different widths, the TM Slant Style Saddlebags are designed to mount either on top of, or under, the pillion seat. Available in two styles, riveted or plain, and measuring 36 cm long, 16 cm deep, and 26 cm high.

The entire range of TM is available from all CC Leather Rider: 0438-588-343.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Trike Conversion Kits

PAUGHCO’S NEW Trike Conversion Kits have got to be the coolest thing since Captain America. Seriously, Paughco has made converting your Harley-Davidson Sportster from two-wheels to three, a simple, do-it-yourself proposition that is certainly going to evolve into a whole new trend in chopper design and styling. 

The custom swingarm and rear axle assembly bolt directly in place of the stock swingarm and utilise the stock belt or chain, depending on model. Your stock shocks bolt directly to the new swingarm and OEM shock mounts. The rear axle assembly features brake rotors, chrome four-piston calipers and limited slip differential. All you have to do is add your choice of GM 5 x 4.75 bolt pattern wheels and tyres and you’re set. 

Overall width, as shown, with wheels and tyres, is 49 inches. Rear axle assemblies are finished in black powder coat and the swingarms are shipped raw steel. 

Assemblies can be ordered for both chain and belt applications. 

For additional details visit Paughco parts are available from Harrys Custom Bike Work in Queensland.

Tombstone Territory Tail Light

THESE RETRO-style Tombstone Tail Light housings make a great addition just about any retro Street or Rat Rod. 

The unique stand-alone design eliminates the top license plate glass and license plate bracket making it a sanitary replacement for a stock, or a clean addition for a custom bike. They are a direct bolt-on replacement for stock Harley Tombstone lights and utilises the original internal lighting components and lens. 

Additionally, Softbrake offers a selection of licence plate relocator brackets that are a perfect pairing with the new tail light housing. 

Designed to fit Heritage Springer and Deluxe models, builders can easily obtain lens and bulb housing at H-D dealers.

Visit them on the web at

Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit

BAKER announces the release of its Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit. This kit replaces the stock shift system in your bike, and provides a shift that feels and sounds smoother and quieter, as well as a positive neutral engagement. No more rolling your bike back and forth to find neutral.

Product Features:

Improved ratchet pawl geometry assists the rider in finding neutral the first time, every time.

Smoother, positive shifting is achieved by incorporating advanced geometry in the fork pin groves, and the integration of a linear detent bearing on the right side mounting plate.

The fixed spindle drum design offers lower friction as the drum rotates, reducing the effort required by the rider to complete a shift.

Each design improvement combines in a precise mechanical choreography that is inherently silent.

Prevents mis-shifts. The ratchet pawl design incorporates an anti-overshift feature for both up and downshifts that prevent the rider from skipping over a gear.

There is no need to disassemble the stock gear-set from the bearing door. Just pull out the stock gear-set, and swap out the stock shift drum and pawl for the Baker Smooth Shift Kit Drum and Ratchet Pawl.

No adjustments needed for the ratchet pawl or shift drum; direct bolt in design. Re-uses stock pawl centering pin, shift forks and fork rods.

Machined splines on the pawl to transmission lever provide less chance of stripping. Precision TIG welded shaft to ratchet pawl body combined with improved mechanical press fit design increase long term durability.

Two-year, 24,000 mile warranty.

Trike Easy-To-Install Kits

THESE NEW trike bodies from Paughco are the number one component when it comes to your three-wheeled project’s image. Say ‘old school practical’ with the Truck Bed kit or ‘sporty low down’ with the Hot Rod, either one will give your ride a personality all its own.

Matched up with other Paughco trike accessories like the fenders shown and you’ve got a unique and crowd stopping combination.

Truck Bed style kits are heavy gauge formed sheet steel and the Hot Rod bodies are rolled and formed aluminium.

Kits are designed to bolt directly to the stock rear frame horns. Both models are offered to fit a wide variety of chassis applications from ’58—’84 FL four-speeds to ’93 and later Sportsters, ’96 and later Dynas, and ’86 and later Softails. All kits come with mounting hardware and supports.

The Hot Rod bed does not come with taillights or license frame shown in the photo.

Pick up one of each, and simply by changing the brackets and lighting, easily change the bike’s image as well as your own.

Paughco parts are available from Harrys Custom Bike Work in Qld;

Copper Coated Wheels

INNOVATIVE styling, finishes and superior quality are the trademarks of Renegade Wheels. A recent example is this crowd-stopping copper finish.

Renegade is offering any of their wheel styles, and in any size, finished in the exotic metallic compound; all are topped with a durable clear coat to keep maintenance to a minimum.

If you really want your bike to POP, there are few things better than this eye-grabbing finish to make your bike stand out in the crowd. Considering its immense visual impact, the additional $US200 per wheel price tag seems negligible. Take a close look at this close up and then visualise it on any of the cutting edge wheel styles at

Barry Dagman: The Cheaty Cook

“IF you haven’t got a clue in the kitchen then I am your god.”

Barry has been experimenting with food since he was seven when he made a sandwich out of everything red in the pantry. He’s scraped exploded egg off ceilings and light fittings, set fire to carrots, taught rugby to chooks, and generally learned what not to do in the kitchen. On the way he’s picked up tips and shortcuts that he’s prepared to pass on to you.

$9.99 for more than 100 pages of cooking and life stories — cheaper than bogroll! Now available for Kindle.

Drop Seat Frame

CHECK IT out. Paughco has released a sleek new frame that provides great lines and a perfect 23.5-inch seat height.

The new Right Side Drive frame accepts a 300 rear tyre and features a 1.75-inch backbone stretch, 2-inch diameter single front leg and 1.75-inch diameter tubular swing-arm. Additionally, the chassis comes with a 1-inch hidden axle assembly and integral forward control mounts.

The chopper version, shown here, has 4-inches in the backbone, 7-inches in the front leg and 38 degree neck rake. The Paughco 13.5-inch fender, oil bag and solo seat in this photo are sold separately.

Goin’ Pro-Street? Try the model with 5-inch stretch in the backbone and 38 degree neck rake.

Vantage Old School Jacket

IF YOU want your leather jacket to have an aged look, like you’ve been wearing it for the last 20 years in all types of weather, then the Vantage Jacket from Rjays is just the ticket.

This classic retro-styled jacket is made for 100 percent A-grade weight leather. It has removable shoulder and elbow armour, a removable high-density-foam back protector, two air vent zipper openings under arms, four pockets, and adjustable button waist tabs.

It is available in antique brown and antique grey, and comes in men’s sizes 36—50.

Available from Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket in Oz.

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