DIY Fender Blanks for Choppers

THE following information was passed on to us by the good people at West Coast Choppers. I think I would be doing it a disservice if I edited it at all. For your information though, “clams” are dollars.

“Feel like you’ve been raped every time you leave Daffy Duck’s Chop-A-Shop with some over-priced, non-stock replacement part or custom accessory? Check this out. Slide over to WCC and you can score any number of very cool items at a fraction of what the “BIG GUYS” are charging. As an example, WCC is now offering their DO-IT-YOURSELF FENDER BLANKS for just 150 clams! No KY required here, you’re not paying for some guy’s ego, just a quality fender at a fair price.

These steel blanks are available in 4.75, 6, 7.25, 8.5, 9, 10.5 widths and can be adapted to just about any application. Additionally WCC will be offering the steel fenders for the hot new 23” front and 20” rear rubber.

If you’re tired of getting bent over just to keep some clown’s name in lights key in and get real.

Hatched and hammered in Long Beach California, WCC components offer customers QC that’s second to none and “I want it NOW sucker” turn around times.

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