Build A Salt Flats Panhead Motorcycle

THE PHRASE, Bonneville Salt Flats, strikes a chord with any true gear-head. For motorcycle enthusiasts the allure is even stronger.

This book documents the construction of The World’s Fastest Panhead, conceived and assembled by Keith R Ball, former editor of Easyriders magazine. Keith walks the reader through all the steps involved in the creation of a true Bonneville Salt Flats motorcycle. From choosing a class to picking a frame, from finding an engine builder to minimising the aerodynamic drag at 200 mph, Keith and a select band of H-D gear heads grind their teeth and lots of steel throughout the entire process.

“It includes how to make guess-work fly,” Ball said.

A project of this size is bound to suffer setbacks. Keith uses a personal, narrative style to take the readers on a wild ride, through the ups and downs of building The World’s Fastest Panhead.

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