Buttcrack Solo Seat with IST

DANNY GRAY revolutionised the way seats are made two years ago with the introduction of their patented Independent Suspension Technology (IST) line of seats. Our proprietary IST seat design eliminates the compression and shock your body endures from riding on a traditional solid seat pan. It reduces vibration, compression and shock by eliminating conventional parts of the seat pan and replacing them with anatomically engineered cutouts.

Now, in response to demand, long time Danny Gray favourite, the Buttcrack Solo seat, is finally available with IST. IST’s stress relief design reduces pressure points on the tailbone and prostate areas of the body. In addition, the Buttcrack Solo’s enhanced, sculpted tailbone relief insures the most comfortable ride possible on a sleek design saddle.

Danny Gray seats are handmade. Every seat is sculpted to maximize anatomical support, and narrow leg pass assures you have a flat foot position when stopped.

The Buttcrack Solo seating surface is covered in black, top-grain leather with a soft subtle texture. The side panels are matching black vinyl that will keep its shape across the high-stress points of the seat.

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