Boom Trike’s Fuzzy Logic

THE BOOM Trike’s Mustang ST1 is now available with a 1.6 litre Peugeot Engine (85 kW) with an Electronically Controlled Transmission.

Electronically Controlled Transmissions, which appear on some newer cars, still use hydraulics to actuate the clutches, but each hydraulic circuit is controlled by an electric solenoid. This simplifies the plumbing on the transmission and allows for more advanced control schemes.

In addition to monitoring vehicle speed and throttle position, the transmission controller can monitor the engine speed and if the brake pedal is being pressed. Using this information and an advanced control strategy based on fuzzy logic—a method of programming control systems using human-type reasoning—electronically controlled transmissions can do things like downshift automatically when going downhill to control speed and reduce wear on the brakes.

Test drive a Boom Trike Mustang ST1 today at Oz Trikes, 6 Ainslie Close, Somersby NSW 2250; 02-4372-1100;

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