Bobber Springer

MY BIKE started life as a ’92 Springer. I bought it off a bloke in Toowoomba. It was pretty run-down but the motor was good and that’s all I cared about. I took to eBay and bought a tank, rear guard, solo seat, Vance & Hines shot-guns, a 60-spoke 21-inch chrome rim, mini floorboards, drag-bars, chrome disc rotors, exhaust wrap, Avon Venom white walls; I got all these parts delivered to my door for under $3000 Australian dollars.

I took it all down to Sin City Cycles and told Lorne and Aaron what I wanted to do. They were a bit skeptical but they knew I had a picture in my head of the bike I wanted and stuck to what I said—they were as blown away as I was with the end result!

The whole bike has cost me $23,000—how good is that! I cannot believe how many people of all ages stop and look at her, and when I’m riding her I feel like I’m a fucking king!

I was describing my bike to a mate. He said it sounds like a bobber. I had never heard of them so I went on the net and fuck me—there was my bike!

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