Billet Bling Lights

LICKS pretty much drew a line in the sand with this extremely cool collection of skinny scooter lighting. Unlike the overcooked heavies, these units are compact, lightweight and priced in a range any builder can afford.

First on tap is the vintage style triangular headlight; unique nostalgia at its best. Popular back in the late ’60s early ’70s, this resurrection now features a reflector and a 60/55W halogen bulb.

On deck would be the incredibly tiny 3.5 inch bucket lamp that comes complete with modern day H-4 bulbs for seriously intense lighting.

Out back Licks has the whole nostalgia thing covered in spades with the classic Sparto design of yesteryear; it is now available in a unique flat lens style with chrome or black finish.

If that doesn’t light your fire, the hooded taillight takes cool compact lighting to a whole new level. Coming or going Licks lights the way!

Be sure to catch their complete line up at Dealer inquiries invited.

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