1969 Triumph Chopper Motorcycle

“What I like about the black, brass and copper theme is that it's clean, classy and very contrasty.”

MY BIKE was an originally-restored, 1969 Triumph TR6 when I first bought it. I had a really clear vision on what build I wanted for this bike. Nathan and Luke from Livin Loco Garage on the Gold Coast helped me execute it.

Luke stripped the bike down to the frame and that’s where it all began. He added The Factory Metal Works hard-tail kit to it, with a 4-inch stretch and a 2.5-inch drop in the frame. 

The front end is a short, four-inch-under Springer running a 21-inch front wheel. The rear wheel is a 16-inch laced to the original hub. The wheels are powdered-coated black with brass spoke nipples.

Luke custom-made the oil tank to work in with the frame.

The gas tank is a Cole Foster with a modified tunnel to help it sit nicely on the Triumph frame.

The reason behind the black, brass and copper look is my restaurant has the same theme. What I like about the theme is that it’s clean, classy and very contrasty.

The rear fender is a Lowbrow Customs Stingray.

Even the Starburst Webco rocker caps were copper-plated along with the seat springs and exhaust clamps.

Handlebars and exhausts both have brass tips.

I left the engine stock as it was fully rebuilt just before I bought it.

Nathan did the paint using two-tone matt and gloss black. The pinstriping is gold and copper combined and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!

The foot-peg brackets had to be modified to take the brass Harley foot-pegs.

The brass levers are made by Kustom Tech.

Marc from Coxy’s Motorcycle Saddles handmade the leather seat and it looks awesome!

This bike is a big change from the Ducati Monster I used to own but it’s exactly what I wanted. It’s something cruisy I can ride to work every day.

I would like to thank the boys at Livin Loco Garage for creating the bike. It’s just what I had envisioned… it’s perfect! 

Photos by Rod Cole; story by Adam

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