Unstoppable Empire Yamaha V-Star

THE base bike for this build is Yamaha’s XVS 650 V Star. With its rakish angles, the frame is not unlike a Softail so it makes for an eye-catching starting point. With the budget modest and no need to strip the engine for any mods or repairs, this custom is mostly cosmetic but shows what can be achieved with a little imagination and a can-do attitude.

It was built by Dan & Dean at Unstoppable Empire on the Central Coast of NSW, about an hour North of the Coat Hanger City. Firstly, a design was drawn up and they set to work fabricating, cutting, swearing, grinding, painting, dipping, swearing, screwing and bolting. 

The rear fender had several inches removed and scalloped to look less bulky than the original; and fitted with an LED strip light to keep the clutter to a minimum.

With a shaft drive turning the back wheel, little could be done, nor did it need it, so the standard rear wheel is retained but with a blue ‘white wall’ added by Tainted Whitewalls.

Out front the blue ring theme continues with the front wheel held in place by three-inch-over fork extensions in otherwise standard forks. A longer braided brake line links the calliper to the chrome master-cylinder that resides on the custom built 12-inch handlebars built in-house by the boys.

Chrome tear drop mirrors let you see where you’ve been; a seven-inch chrome bullet headlight helps you see where you’re going; all changes giving the front-end a cleaner profile.

To aid breathing, they added a HyperCharger air cleaner in black to match the motor with the Unstoppable Empire Fool logo taking prominence on its side. 

Exhaust gasses are discarded via a two-into-two straight-through stainless system fabricated in-house. 

For decoration, Dan cut a diamond pattern on the fins of the barrels. After carefully making the first cut with the die grinder, he quickly realised what a mammoth task he had set himself, but his patience paid off and the result is a nice custom detail.

The standout detail on this bike is definitely the paint scheme. After applying a two-tone flake base, Dan hydro dipped all the tins to apply the Day of The Dead skull design; he then painted on a solid black flame overlay accented with chrome pinstripe outlines to create a unique, yet affordable custom finish.

As an advertisement to show off the skills and services available at Unstoppable Empire, this V Star does an admirable job. It is a LAMS approved bike… although I doubt it would pass an EPA noise test with those pipes! If you’re interested in having your ride personalised, give Dan a call on 0414-892-691; I’m sure he can help you out.

Make sure you check out Alicia on Dan’s Yamaha V-Star at Alicia is Unstoppable.

Words: JT @CrotchRocketMotorcycles; photos: @iShootPix

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