Trojan Classic Triumph Bonneville T120

Minas was “never really into bikes” but with some help from Trojan Classic Motorcycles managed to put together this sweet rigid Triumph chop…

IT’S BASED on a 1968 Triumph Bonneville T120 with a 650 motor. I bought it from Trojan Cycles at Belfield. I went in and was never really into bikes. I always thought they were out of my reach. I met Pedro and he showed me this. It was practically a rolling chassis. Then I started buying parts.

I got the tank and was trying to get a guard to get the shape I really wanted. I did some research on the internet. I started with a frame; powdercoated that. Got the motor done twice due to a dodgy mechanic.

It took me about a year to complete. Oil tank was from underneath the kitchen sink. It was a fire extinguisher! But most of the stuff was from Trojan Cycles.

I live in the Belfield area and I just drove past and saw the shop and went in for a look. Then I spent the whole year in the garage. I was a mechanic when I left school; had the trade. Then I got into the building industry. I’ve always loved mechanical stuff.

Swaverly Smash in Canterbury Road, Belmore, painted the bike. The pinstripe was decided over a couple of beers. We used to get together there on Fridays. Originally it was gonna be in the middle but then it went on the side.

The forks are KT750 Honda. I went to the wreckers and basically they gave me that brake, and I think it looks good. I ended up changing the rear rim because I had a normal chrome one, but I got this off a bloke at French’s Forest. That wheel on there was orange. I had my neighbour mask all the spokes because I didn’t wanna spend the money to get it rebuilt after paint. I was gonna do the front rim black too but I changed my mind.

It’s a lot of fun. When I first built the motor I wanted to see what was gonna shake off so I rode to Picton. I got on the turnoff and stopped. My mate with a Harley was next to me, and he asked if everything was alright. I said, “Yeah, yeah. It’s cool.” I put it in gear and went to take off, and it was revving, and I thought, “Aww, the clutch has gone,” and the chain flew off! The number plate came off. Lucky I didn’t lose anything. But it was there that I started ironing out all the little problems.

I’m getting used to the rigid. The seat—that’s a Kansas Charley seat—is really comfortable. People look at it and say, “How do you sit on that?” But it’s actually really comfortable.

I did most of the running around and the designing. But most of the work was done by Trojan Cycles. Matt did the wiring, and I also need to thank him for helping with my breakdowns! For my next bike it’s a toss-up between another Trumpy chop or a Sportster in a similar style—with electronic start! Ha ha!”

words by Minas, pics by Wasko

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