Tribal Super-Charged Harley-Davidson Breakout

“…yeah, you name it and I pulled it apart and replaced it, upgraded it,” said Troy.

I INITIALLY had trail-bikes, moved to road-bikes for a short stint, and sort of lost interest in them. Soon all my friends were buying Harley-Davidsons so I decided to buy one too. This is my first Harley; I bought the Softail Harley-Davidson Breakout from Frasers in Wollongong.

I immediately started doing some work to it. Changed the suspension, wheels, did a bit of everything. Pulled it apart myself. Spent a lot of money on foot-controls, pegs and, yeah, you name it and I pulled it apart and replaced it, upgraded it.

I then took it to APL Performance to fit the Pro-Charger. It took a few weeks to put the supercharger on it and includes a new computer, bigger injectors, bigger manifold — and now it’s producing close to 180 horsepower.

I had a bit of a spill on it, laid her over, so I decided to re-paint it. Owen did all the paint-work, with Mark Dywer, one of his good friends, doing the air-brushing (See Send in the Clowns, Issue #415). I didn’t want your typical black Harley-Davidson Breakout that everybody has so I decided to come up with my own air-brushing theme, to mix it up with a bit of tribal. I gave my ideas, and a few pics of designs I liked, to Owen and Mark. A few weeks later they produced what I have — they did an awesome job!

The bigger, 23-inch front wheel is a Fat Daddy with 52 spokes. I put on the wrap-around front fender, all the typical wheel covers on the front, fork covers at the top, painted all my triple clamps, installed new blacked-out levers and mirrors. 

The new handlebars are Burleigh Bars, two-inch Rollers. The grips and forward controls are Arlen Ness.

Yeah, pretty much everything has been tampered with. But it doesn’t end there — there’s always something you can find to do to it. You look at it for too long and you think of another idea of what you’re going to change. I have got a few ideas…

words by Troy; photos by Huck Finn

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