The Re-Resurrection

THE LEGENDARY Red Baron came to mind as I was photographing Darrin’s red bike at Camden Airport. History tells us the Red Baron initially served in the cavalry before deciding that riding a horse was too slow and became a pilot. I reckon if he were alive today, this is the sort of iron-horse he’d be riding.

Darrin’s custom bike was featured in Ozbike a few years ago as The Resurrection. Enter Darrin’s accident and The Resurrection had to be rebuild from the ground again after Darrin’s discharge from the hospital.

The tanks and guards were reworked by Ron, Darrin’s father. The general assembly was by Jason and Darrin over a three month period.

The Re-Resurrection was painted red (fire thorn red candy mix) with silver Celtic tribal symbols by Marc at Sydney Custom Spraypainting in Guildford, NSW. It certainly looks flash.

words & pics by George

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