The Old Harley 45’s Are Back

PAUGHCO leaves no stone unturned when it comes to H-D based choppers. They have addressed the company’s exceptional collection of components directed exclusively at the venerable 45 make for some seriously cool choppers at prices that won’t break the bank. This new frame, for example, allows builders to toss that old three-speed transmission and replace it with a 74 ci four-speed.

Bare frame, model FH-139, includes an offset four-speed tranny plate. The frame is set up for BDL belt or chain drive and can be ordered separately or with a host of optional accessories like the Paughco springer, wheels, tanks and fenders shown here. With that in mind, make sure you ask the salesman about a complete roller. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable one of these rides can be.

Certainly would make a sweet father and son project or cool putter for jammin’ around town.

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