Shooting the Breeze Harley-Davidson Breakout

“I’ve done about four rides on it and now it’s due to come back apart,” said Kane.

MY dad’s got bikes; he has a Harley-Davidsons too. I grew up with cars — big powered V8’s, of course — and bikes. Recently, I got right into bikes and ditched the cars. I bought this Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout eight months ago. Originally, pretty much everything was black on the bike. I decided straight away I wanted everything exactly the way I wanted it before I rode it anywhere.

I did everything, including the painting — I’m A spray-painter in Wollongong — in the back shed at home. The colour is called Breeze. I changed it up a bit and used DNA Diamond Clear over it.

The Danny Grey seat was re-trimmed locally by P&L Quinlan in Oak Flats. It’s got Burleigh Bars handlebars, a Russ Wernimont Designs front guard and a Bikecraft Breakout fender eliminator. The CVO Breakout wheels and fork legs really make a difference.

I’ve just finished it but now I’m going to chrome the swingarm and air-bag it. I’ve done about four rides on it and now it’s due to come back apart. I’m not going to show it — I’m just gonna ride it.

Photos by George; words by Kane

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