Replica Triumph X-75 Hurricane

Take a Triumph Trident and convert it to a Triumph Hurricane… cool as.

WE WOULD like to introduce ourselves — we are from MJH Performance Bikes, a workshop specialised in motorbike transformations and restorations, located in the province of Malaga, Spain.

We are contacting you because we want to send you a small report based on our last project, a replica of the Triumph X-75 Hurricane using as base a T160 Trident 750 cc. model.

We wanted to do this project at the request of a collector client; this motivated us both by its exclusivity, as it was a bike which was only sold in the American market, and also by the challenge we offered, as there is very little technical documentation in Europe about what the bike was in its day.

The Triumph X-75 Hurricane was a ‘factory special’ motorbike designed by Craig Vetter. The Triumph X-75 featuring a distinctive fibreglass bodywork with a three-gallon fuel tank and a triple exhaust on the right-hand side, with a 751 cc, 58 hp BSA-sourced, three-cylinder engine weighing 191 kg.

Considered to be the last of the old school Triumphs and designed for the North American market only, the X-75 Hurricane was introduced in 1972; 1152 units were built of which very few are in Europe today; the short production run was due to US anti-noise laws; its triple exhaust produced a very loud sound.

When the base bike arrived at the work shop it was completely disassembled, and we made the impossible list of parts we would need.

The frame had to be narrowed and modified to fit the new bodywork and relocate the oil reservoir, battery and electrics; once modified all was blasted, painted with electrostatic paint to improve the durability of the factory paint.

We changed the front braking system as the Trident had a disc and the Hurricane had a drum; the two fork legs were machined and drum break anchoring was welded; the rear disk was left as to have a better efficiency.

We polished and chromed parts of the engine, mudguards and wheels which were fitted with stainless steel spokes.

The right triple exhaust also meant that we had to modify the central manifold as the chassis were different, although the models are similar and we wanted it to look exactly like the original.

The whole electrical installation has been modified, and the ignition coils have been relocated, as well as the newly manufactured battery box, replacing it with a smaller one.

The oil tank was also changed from its original location; all this because of the new frame dimensions which in this model is narrower.

The engine was disassembled and overhauled replacing elements in bad conditions.

All parts have been restored to detail, keeping the classic spirit but improving it as much as possible.

MIGUEL and HANNS, MJH Performance Bikes, Spain.

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