Rebels MC: The Big Wet in Dubbo

The dirt drag competition was changed into the mud drag competition...

EL NINO is gone! Or so they said at the Dubbo Bike Show. It was raining heavily outside so I expect El Nino went home early. Everyone was talking about him so I guess he was a popular guy.

I arrived in Dubbo after spending the previous night in Bathurst waiting for the rain to stop. Anyway, when I arrived I was already in a party mood and it didn’t leave me until I helplessly crashed in bed well after midnight.

Some folk were still partying when I woke up the next morning—damn, hadn’t they finished yet! Where do they get their energy from?

The dirt drag competition was changed into the mud drag competition with just one winner, Blinky, who was the only participant as it wasn’t safe to race. It was called off while the rest of the program was dutifully delivered. 

I was told that it rained three inches within a couple of hours. We lost the electricity a few times but the Rebels wouldn’t be defeated by the weather and persevered the partying on full throttle. After a few hours St. Peter gave up and the rest of the evening was a pearl.

I nearly married two sisters that night but didn’t have enough dowry. Next year I’ll bring my credit-card.

It may have been raining outside, but the exotic dancers performed inside on the pool table. When they finished I volunteered to lick the table clean but wasn’t allowed because the ambulance officer had already left and no one wanted to extract the splinters on my tongue.

Well, the Rebels have done it again. They excelled in organising a party that would be a gem anywhere in the world. It’s a hard job organising an event like this; it deserves much more attention from the biker community and from everyone else except for the cops.

words & pics by George

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