Prawned to Be Wild

A night out to the clubhouse to eat prawns and view the porn—sounds like fun to us.

ON THE menu were prawns mixed with a healthy dose of action on the stage performed by exotic dancers. Unfortunately, we can’t bring you any of the action by the dancers as it was strictly labeled ‘No cameras’ without exception. One may ask why those restrictions. Well, folks, one has to respect the wishes of performers. So, if you want to see all the action at a Mobshitters MC Prawn and Porn Night, you’ll have to attend the next event personally.

The girls did a wonderful job and it was a pleasure to watch them. Some lucky guys got a bit more than they expected when they were involved in relieving the dancers of their garments without using their hands. If you weren’t lucky in the drawing of the tickets, you could beat the odds by auctioning your services to help disrobe the girls. Some lucky blokes even got to the goodies just waving their yellow notes.

When I talked to some guys, they said they had been to this event many times—and to tell the truth, the place was packed! Everyone was in high spirits. Nibbling on prawns and perving on girls would satisfy the most demanding customer, I reckon, and add booze served by scantily clad lasses increases the pleasure many times.
I was leaving the clubhouse around 3 am and the party was still going strong. On the way home some spam cans passed me chasing the fictional and non-fictional crims. The night was slowly giving up to the morning. It was a night I would not forget in a hurry…

words & photos by George Lang

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