Pluto’s Orbiting Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

A way out bike for a way out bloke.

PETER SHEATHER, or Pluto as he is known, rode an ’81 Shovel when he ran into a bloke who had a Fat Boy. This bloke really wanted a Shovel and Pluto was ready to update. They shook hands, did the deal, and Pluto became the proud owner of a Fat Boy.

He rode the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy for a few years, but when he decided he’d do the big trip to Tasmania, realised he’d need a sissy bar. It was while Pluto was looking for a sissy bar that the project took off.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Frank in Coffs Harbour specialises in creating one-off custom jobs and that’s just what Pluto was looking for. Pluto asked Frank if he would do just a few little changes to his ride.

Frank replaced the motor with a 96 cube S&S, and fitted a six-speed RevTech gearbox, a Barnett clutch, and a fantastic looking 240-wide arse-end using a new swingarm from Elf. He also threw on a great set of apehangers and custom tanks.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Being in Coffs Harbour the paint job was done by the one and only Ken at Skin By Finn. Pluto decided he wanted a flame paint job but he didn’t want any fake looking crap. He wanted the flames to look as real as possible and that’s just what he got. Thanks Ken for a great paint job.

Since the photo shoot for this article, Pluto has had a few more things done to his pride and joy. He now has a new set of forward controls, a 21-inch front wheel; the frame has been raked 8 degrees; an absolutely awesome front-end and twin discs tops it all off.

This is what Pluto calls one awesome machine—great to look at and great to ride.

Thanks to Frank and all who had anything to do with creating this great piece of machinery. Pluto is rapt with how it all came together and he wants to do it again.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Pics by Brian White; words by Michelle

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