Charlie’s Brush with Fire

Hi. I have been modelling for about four years now. I represented Australia last year in Las Vegas for the world finals of the Miss Hawaiian Tropics. This is the world’s largest bikini competition. I was also Miss Fair Supermodel Australia which is what got me the guernsey over there.

I have got a lot of hot chick friends. Lots of them do modelling too. In fact, one did a shoot for this magazine a few years ago.

No one really knows their future when it comes to modelling. You just do what you do and find whatever doors you can. I have done a movie called Blood Money. Basically, it’s a massive big underground drug war which breaks out onto the streets of Hong Kong, America and Australia; and I am in the biggest fight scene of the movie. I get bashed by a big group of blokes but I get saved by the hero.

I don’t know much about motorbikes — except that I look good on them. I actually went to a Harley weekend — like a massive big group of people — in Victoria recently and stayed over the weekend. There were all the guys with their bikes seeing who had the best one, lots of little games; it was a good time.

Make sure you check out the full feature on this amazing motorbike at Brushfire Softail Chopper.

Photos by Wall-2Wall; words by Charlie.

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