Phatail Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

“We stripped it right back to the frame, kept the motor in there, but everything else we replaced.”

I’VE BEEN riding bikes for 25 years; I started off on dirt bikes and progressed to Harley-Davidsons in my early twenties and I’ve had two now. I started off with a stock 2008 Fat Boy which I bought off my old man who rides bikes too. He has been riding since before I was born so I grew up around bikes and been riding since I could walk.

I met Jason through other friends and bike associates and we started by throwing ideas back and forth. We decided to go the whole hog on it, really go all out. We stripped it right back to the frame, kept the motor in there, but everything else we replaced.

Phatail Harley Fat Boy 3

Jason raked the frame seven degrees to suit the bigger 23-inch front wheel.

It’s a Genuine, inverted, H-D front-end with High Roller Burleigh bars. The front guard is off an FLH or Road King which has been cut down and modified to suit the bigger front wheel.

Phatail Harley Fat Boy 5

It’s an 18-inch Savage RC Component rear wheel, and matching RC Components air-filter to suit the wheels.

The bitchin’ seat which is made to suit the Performance Machine 240 Phatail arse-end.

Phatail Harley Fat Boy 16

Jason fitted a Stage 4, 103 kit instead of the standard 96 cube motor so it has the 103 barrels, the 110 heads, 59 ml throttle body and 265 cams — so it’s got some goodies to get up and go; it goes as good as it looks.

The standard clutch and primary have been offset to suit 240 arse end. The back guard is part of the kit.

The David Mann themed paint job was applied by Hans the Paint Doctor (07-4123-1536) in Queensland. I decided on the paint and theme because I’ve always been a fan of David Mann’s artwork. The one on the tank is virtually one of his actual posters; the one on the front guard is a modified one; and the one on the rear is one Hans thought up himself to ad to my story on the bike.

The bike has 40,000 km on it but I’ve only done about 1000 km since it’s been done up.

I’d like to thank Jason; he has done an awesome job. I just threw a theme and a rough idea of what I wanted at him. He rung me up when it was finished and delivered me this. I hassled the shit out of him along the way, though.

Phatail Harley Fat Boy 2

Photos by George; words by Daniel.

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