Pegasus Fuel Injection for Harleys

IF YOU’RE keen on fuel injection as opposed to using a mechanical carburetor, then here’s something you might be interested in.

PEGASUS FI is not merely a replacement ECU. It is, in fact, a total fuel and ignition management system developed for use with most popular V-twin engines. Designed for ‘turn key’ installation, all components required for managing both the engine’s fuel requirements and corresponding ignition are included.

Each PEGASUS FUEL INJECTION kit includes a massive 53 mm billet throttle body, common/replaceable automotive fuel injectors, ECU, sensors, fuel pump and ignition coil.

Additionally, a complete wiring harness with Teflon-coated silver-alloy wires and weatherproof connectors is supplied.
The new system provides noticeable increases in horsepower and torque, smooth crisp throttle response, easier starting and total adjustability via rotary switch, PDA or laptop.

Other features include advanced semiconductor electronics, sequential timed injection, single-fire ignition, enhanced fuel atomization, and an extremely hi-tech appearance. Best of all, this one works!

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Harley Fuel Injection
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