Painless Motorcycle Wiring Harness

TAKE THE agony out of wiring your next bike or update your current system with this sanitary wiring harness now available from Pro-One.

Designed for use on bikes utilising split Fat Bob tanks, the harness comes complete with key switch, signal flashers, circuit breakers and wiring. The coded wiring will allow you to simply and quickly lay out your bike’s lighting and ignition systems using the detailed wiring diagram.

Each harness comes ready to connect to your lights and coil and is supplied pre-fit to the support bracketry as shown. Handlebar harness sold separately.

The Pro-One Fat Bob harness is available from all Pro-One dealers or you can visit:


  1. Hey,

    I’m trying to get a new Wring Loom made up for my
    Suzuki FA50 as the one that came with is old and falling apart
    I am replacing the handle bars and brake lines at the same time so if you have a Right and Left handle bar set up as well that would be required

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