Odin’s Warriors MC Kirra Bike Show

The Kirra Beach Hotel — straight across the road from the beach on the Gold Coast — is the perfect venue for a bike show.

THE FACT that you could buy any drink from the bar went down real well, especially for me because I drink a bit of a weird drink — Jack Daniels with water and splash of coke! Not for everyone but I love it! The bar staff even provided paper cups for those who were drinking spirits and wanted to check out the bikes in the carpark.

The food at the pub was pretty amazing too. From oysters Kilpatrick and reef and beef to chips and hamburgers, the pub catered for us all. And there sure were plenty of people to cater for. It was a great turn up, with heaps of loud music, lots of schmick lookin’ bikes, and of course, all the gorgeous girls!

Weslee, the lovely nubile young thing, was doing some fantastic modelling work on the day for Jim from Valhalla Muay Thai Boxing Gym. So I thought the Ozbike readers would appreciate a look at how photogenic Weslee is! She did a fantastic job and I’m sure all the blokes thought she did too (even the neighbours over the fence were getting an eyeful of Weslee). She’s an absolute natural and had a great time doing the photos and later on joining in on the arm wrestling.  She was a great sport and gorgeous! Not a bad combination!

 The music on the day was a band called Mason Rack. This band is one of the best pub bands around the North Coast and the Gold Coast. They are a raunchy rock blues act that is so easy to get into. They play music that you can get up and dance to or just sit down and tune in. A very classy act and definitely worth listening to.

As the day wore on the crowd got bigger and louder. Everyone was in a top mood and the atmosphere on this sunny winter’s day was very cruzeee! The music was pumpin’, the beer was flowin’, and the people were getting pissed! It was definitely a good day.

The quality of the bikes was exceptional. Definitely a whole lotta love put into these machines. Which makes it great for people like us — we get to have a good look at the work these people put into their bikes and can appreciate the time, effort and money invested. Weslee got to sit on all the bikes and there was not one owner who objected when she draped herself over their bike. What good blokes! Just goes to show how generous our fellow bikers can be when the need arises.

This was a great day out. A top venue, very relaxed, and lots of people all doing the same thing — getting pissed, listening to some awesome music, and checking out some very expensive pieces of machinery. What a great combination!

By Raylene Carlo

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